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Sharing capabilities that are simple and powerful

In just a few minutes, you can be sharing your data over your local network, the internet, with Windows and Mac users, and even popular formats such as Microsoft Escel and Adobe PDF and more! And with the powerful security options in FileMaker Pro, you can control what data is accessible by whom, so sharing is worry free!

Solve virtually any problem

Businesses in many different industries use Data Creator and Filemaker Pro to solve all sorts of information management challenges. Unlike software designed to only address a specific function, FileMaker Pro is flexible so it can meet your needs for managing contacts, organising inventory, processing sales orders, tracking projects and so much more as your business grows and changes.


Get Started in Minutes

Why have so many businesses chosen Data Creator?
Data Creator has been helping businesses realise their goals for more than 25 years through
easy to use systems designed to manage all aspects of a business!
Data Creator uses the #1- selling, easy to use FileMakerPro database software.
And for good reason - it works as hard as you do!

No need for a weeklong training course to get started with FileMaker Pro. Data Creator makes it fast and easy for you to get started. You can use one of our ready made solutions, start with data you already have, or we can build your OWN solution from scratch!

Low total cost of ownership

Data Creator’s solutions can grow with your business. You can start with one area of your business and keep adding functions and integrations as your company or requirements develop. Data Creator pride ourselves on building LOW cost solutions to suit our clients needs and budget.

Data Creator has the reputation of taking problem ownership and delivering RESULTS with the minimum of disruption and more importantly, at the right price.