Business Management Systems

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Costing's and Maintenance Contracts

All contracts are negotiated separately and agreed with the client prior to commencement.

The Costing of all contracts are Calculated on a daily rate [negotiated].
The daily rate is dependant on the estimated time a project will take and the number of hours required.
In all cases we endeavour to carry out the majority of our work on site with you so we can react and adapt processes directly with you and avoid long winded development and testing processes to save YOU cash.

Our billing is based entirely on hours spent.


Daily Rate = £550 per 8 hr day
Time Spent during a day = 5 hrs
The billable hours will be calculated as follows:- £550 / 8hrs = £68.75 per hr x 5hrs = £343.75

All work is covered by Time Sheets. We do NOT charge travel time.

Emergency call-out rate is calculated at £75.00 per hr including Travel Time.

Support and Maintenance Contract’s

As a general rule, phone support is F.O.C.

We can usually log-on remotely and resolve issues very quickly.

With most clients, we enter into a quarterly maintenance contract.

This covers a number of days on site and remote support.

As are systems are generally bespoke and designed around YOUR requirements, the system is constantly being “tweaked” and enhanced to adapt to your changing business requirements.

Therefore, it is accepted that our time spent on your system is effectively ongoing development and is charged as above.